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I will be stepping down and possibly unjoining this club TONIGHT, 10 hours after posting this journal.

I've just... lost interest in this group. I'm really sorry, but things happened over the summer that are very personal and, well, this personal stuff on top of loss of interest has killed my motivation to do anything with the group.

I'm warning you all because, as one of you pointed out, an admin leaving a group is unheard of. And because of that, I have no clue what could happen if I leave. Will the group refuse to let me because I'm the leader? Will my leaving mean that the group ceases to exist?

No clue, but I do know it's unfair for you guys to have an inactive and uninterested admin.

So all I ask is that somebody step up before I step down so we don't need to find out.
Defenderas2012 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013
What if you got someone else to lead the group? You shouldn't have to be forced to do it if you don't want to. Find someone willing and ready to step up and take over.
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